Care Kits

Delectable variety of different Care Packs tailored to suit your needs and likes!

Care Kits

This plant-based care kit gives you everything you need to jump-start your plant-based journey with actual food provided! 

Each pack contains 5 plant-based vegan shelf stable items, along with 2 recipes for making each of the items included in the kit. 

The starter kit document and pack contains:

A “how-to” become a plant-based vegan created by a registered dietitian.

Simple meal planning ideas.

5 plant-based vegan items for you to try.

2 recipe ideas for each vegan item that may include breakfast, lunch and dinner ideas.

Important plant-based nutrition information.

A sample monthly meal plan for you and your family.

Cost for the entire kit including the “how to” document, plant-based vegan items and recipes: $99


Coming Soon!

Additional plant-based vegan care packs to support healthy blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugar levels, menopauses and more!


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