Dear Friends and Colleagues,

I have a special announcement. After years of supporting teachers, community partners and especially students, I am stepping down from my role working with schools. It was not a decision I took lightly as this was my dream job for many years. I’m so grateful to have been part of this amazing world and have met many new friends along the way that I hope will always be in my life!

As many of you know, I not only had a love of educating about nutrition education, but also related to food sustainability. In other words, how does our food system impact our health, the environment and the animals of the world. I’m also a plant-based dietitian.

So, I’m excited to announce that my next journey will focus on plant-based nutrition. Please check out my new website at

I plan to work with adults that need help transitioning to a plant-based diet or that are already following a plant-based diet and want to ensure they are getting all the nutrients they need. Or that have health issues such as high blood pressure or cholesterol and want to see if a plant-based diet can help bring these numbers down.

I’m also introducing plant-based care kits. Right now, I am offering a starter kit for those that want to go plant-based that includes an instruction document and corresponding shelf-stable food for a months’ worth of recipes. In the future I hope to offer additional kits to help support those with chronic illness (e.g. diabetes) or those at a special time in their life (e.g. menopause). Stay tuned!

If anyone knows of someone in need of these types of services, please send them my way.

I so appreciate all of you and feel incredibly lucky to have shared my life’s journey with you!!

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