Awwwwww sugar, not honey, honey!! And what better way to enjoy it then in Loren’s Sugar Cookies.

I always say that indulging once in a while over the holidays is a very healthy thing to do. It keeps us from feeling deprived and contributes to having a very healthy attitude towards food.

These cookie drops are soft, light, fluffy and sweet! If you cook them a little longer, they can become crunchy.

They are Gluten-Free (contain a flour blend) and contain cane sugar, sustainably sourced palm oil, natural vanilla flavor, baking soda and sea salt. Not much nutritionally but they are vegan and the company is women owned!

Loren’s packaging says they contain 35% less sugar than the competition – about 6 grams per serving. Please note that 6 grams is in one cookie, so kind of a lot. However, they are very filling, so that may be all that you need!

In 2001, the commonwealth of Pennsylvania (in other words Pennsylvania) established a bill that made the Nazarath, PA sugar cookies the official cookie of the state.

I give it a 4 out of 5 stars!!

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