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The Diva

It’s fresh, fresh exciting! Fresh Thymes motto is Real food, real close to the earth and they deliver. Their foods are made in-house and from scratch.

They use local foods first and then look to organic foods when these are unavailable. They use a lot of foods “you can grow in your own garden” and their sauces and dressings are all homemade.

They don’t have a full vegan menu, but a lot of their items are super-creative and can be made vegan. Case in point, I ordered the Diva salad that normally comes with chicken and goat cheese. They were able to swap out the chicken for their pumpkin falafel patty and added some fresh made creamy, homemade-like cheese.

Their pumpkin falafel patty tasted creamier than the usual falafel balls that can sometimes taste dry. I ate it with the cheese which added even more creaminess. The patty was large enough to provide a good source of protein.

It also came with greens, avocadoes, almonds and dates. The almonds had a nice smokey flavor and I was told that they are smoked with hickory wood at a marketplace nearby.

I normally order their vegan cauliflower tacos with light oil and then go next door to their bodega and pick up a spicy tempeh salad for protein. Yum!

The only thing I wished is that I had a little more dressing or a side dip for the pumpkin falafel patty.

I would give the salad a 4.5 out of 5 stars!

The Diva
Chopped organic greens, avocado, dates, house-smoked almonds, garlic croutons, local goat cheese, grilled chicken, sherry lime vinaigrette (contains nuts)



“The Diva”

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