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Lesser Evil offers two seasonal popcorns; White Chocolate + Matcha and Dark Chocolate + Himalayan Pink Salt. The names alone would entice anyone to want to try them. We tried them both!

The two popcorns have a very light chocolate taste to them and the mixed in Matcha adds a subtle green-tea-like taste to the white chocolate version. The dark chocolate one has a nice surprise inside. Integrated in the dark chocolate popcorn is a lighter color, caramel tasting kernel. Yummy! Like most popcorn, both of these versions are totally addictive!!

The popcorns are 100% air popped. Most of the ingredients are simple and well made. They use organic non-gmo popcorn, organic coconut oil, organic chocolate and organic matcha powder seasoning. Notice, the common theme here – hint organic! The dark chocolate one has a little more stuff in it, but still overall it’s pretty clean.

Nutrition-wise it is very low in calories and sodium (only 25 mg per serving), is a good source of fiber, low in sugar and has a tiny bit of protein and iron in it. I did like that they include an appropriate serving size on the nutritional label (3 cups, seems about right).

And the best news was that these were on sale – 2 for $5. For the size of the bag that’s a pretty good deal.

I give it a 4 out of 5 stars!!

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